Advanced Swimming
Advanced Swimming
Advanced Swimming
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Make a splash!

Think you might be the next Michael Phelps or worried to dip your toe in the water? Either way, swimming can be fun and great exercise. Come learn about water safety, how to plan for water emergencies, practice jumping into water that is over your head, and learn a variety of skills. Everyone will also get to practice rescue skills and water survival skills. Also in a few fun games, you will get to practice your in-water and out-of-water diving skills!

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More Details:

  • Age:
    11-13 years old, 14-16 years old, 17-18 years old, 18+ years old
  • Location:
    Manchester, NH, Milton, MA
  • Technical Skills: Hobbies, Outdoor Pursuits, Sports
  • Soft Skills: Confidence, Leadership, Self-Reliance
  • Activity Level: High

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