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Cub Scout Club

2021 Fall Theme: S.T.E.M.

We’re so excited that your family is interested in Cub Scouting!

And now that Cub Scouts is open to both girls and boys, even more youth will have access to the awesome character development and values-based leadership opportunities that Scouting provides.

Cub Scouting is more than just an activity. It’s adventure, learning, and discovery around every corner.

From STEM, to exploring the outdoors, your son or daughter will be on the path to discovering their very best “future self”- and they’ll have fun doing it!

Cub Scouting involves the entire family!

That’s right – Cub Scouts isn’t just for kids. There’s something in it for you, too! Time… We know families are busy, often feeling crunched for quality time. Cub Scouting provides opportunities to spend time together while setting your kids on the path to future success. From volunteering with the pack, to leading family activities at home, parents can choose how involved they’d like to be.

Why join Cub Scouts?

If you could give only one gift to the young people who are most important in your life, what would it be? No matter what your family situation is, it is within your power to help these children grow into people with a good feeling about themselves and a genuine concern for others. Cub Scouting can assist you in providing this greatest gift of all.

Aims and Methods

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. There are four aims of Scouting: citizenship, character, personal fitness, and leadership.

The methods of Cub Scouting are: living the ideals, belonging to a den, advancement, family involvement, activities, serving the community, and the uniform.

What is Cub Scout Club?

Cub Scout Club is a fun, interactive, hands on way to introduce you and your family to Cub Scouts. Over the course of the 8 week session we will explore a specific theme, the basics of Cub Scouting, and even help your child earn their first badge, the Bobcat Badge!

What is the goal of Cub Scout Club?

At the end of Cub Scout Club our goal is making it official and getting you and your family registered with a local Cub Scout Pack! Finding one is easy!

At any point, you can decide to join a local Cub Scout Pack! Joining Scouting is easy, by following the link below, you can find in-person meetings happening in your local area or you can find information on signing up online from the comfort of your home!

When you're ready, click here to Join Scouting!

What do I get with Cub Scout Club with Adventure Base Camp?

8 sessions of weekly virtual programming (Starting late September to Mid November)

3 unique in-person hands on activities at Adventure Base Camp

Adventure Card

  • Discounts on activities (merit badge colleges, day camps, summer camps, and more).
  • Free admittance to “Open Adventure Days” at Adventure Base Camp, New England Base Camp, and Granite Base Camp (normally $15 per person)
  • Free shipping on your purchases from Narragansett Council Scout Shops (does not include purchases from national BSA)

Cub Scout Club T-Shirt & Patch

Contact Information:  For more information and questions, please contact Zack Daigle (Adventure Base Camp Virtual Program Director) at

Following registration additional paperwork, information, monthly calendar, etc. will be emailed to the email used to register.

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