Wilderness Survival: Summer
Wilderness Survival: Summer
Wilderness Survival: Summer
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Are you resourceful enough to survive?

It's a common Hollywood plot: the modern person is stranded in the wilderness where they learn and grow through the life-altering experience. Each time we see a movie with that scene, we imagine if we would be brave, cunning, or resourceful enough to survive. Well, no more wondering! Spend some time with us and you'll learn the basics about gathering and purifying water, building a shelter, finding food, and general protection.

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More Details:

  • Age:
    11-13 years old, 14-16 years old, 17-18 years old, 18+ years old
  • Location:
    Milton, MA
  • Technical Skills: Outdoor Pursuits
  • Soft Skills: Self-Reliance
  • Activity Level: High

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