2024 Crossover Camp

For Webelos Crossing Over and All Scouts Working Towards First Class

Friday, July 12th- Sunday, July 14th

Are you looking to have fun as a new Crossover Scout? Do you want to learn all the basics of the Scouting program, with a fun group of new friends, and the most fun counselors imaginable? If you’re looking for a strong and structured program, come to Crossover Camp! We strive to promote fun and the learning of basic skills in a patrol environment, where rank requirements will be covered organically.

The program provides a comprehensive plan to all campers, leading to completion of many of the outdoor requirements for Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class ranks. Scouts who have just crossed over, or may be new to Scouting, will find this program ideal. The goals: to give all campers confidence in their newfound outdoor skills, and to develop a strong beginning along the Scouting trail for advancement. Some requirements we strive to do over the weekend:

  • Safe Hiking and the Buddy System (Req. T5a, T5b, T5c, F5c, F5d)
  • Map and Compass (Req. S3a, S3d)
  • Totin’ Chip (Req. T3d, S2a)
  • Firem’n Chit (Req. S2b, S2c)
  • Basic Scout Knots (Req. T3a, T3b, T3c, S2f, S2g)
  • Basic First Aid and Carries (Req. T4a, T4c, S6a, S6b, S6c, S6d, S6e, F7a, F7b F7c)


NEBC is located at 411 Unquity Rd., Milton, MA.

Contact Information:  For more information and questions, please contact NEBC@scouting.org. 

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