Base Camp Express Woburn 2024

Check out our activities including our Maker Space string art, hand tools, duct tape, origami and pinewood derby car building, Nature & Ecology with pond ecology and animals of the Merrimack Valley area, Design Space /Architecture with lego, k-nex, blocks, landscape, architecture and game design, STEM, Citizenship, Knot tying, Camp stoves and Meal planning.

Rank-Specific Cub Scout Adventures Offered! Free with your Adventure Card!

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More Details:

  • Age:
    6-10 years old, 11-17 years old
  • Location:
    Woburn, MA
  • Technical Skills: Communications, Conservation, Creative Arts, Hobbies, Natural Science, Physical Science
  • Soft Skills: Character, Citizenship, Confidence, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Teamwork, Self-Reliance