NEBC STEM Camp 2024 - Chemistry (6th-12th grade)
NEBC STEM Camp 2024 - Chemistry (6th-12th grade)

STEM Camp: Return of the Pathways 

STEM is a broad topic, and there is no one right way! This year, we are bringing back different pathways, to make sure that folks can pick the STEM experience best for them! Each pathway will have them work on thematically connected activities, give them a field trip relevant to their topic, and provide some time for traditional camp activities! 

 Pathway 3: Chemistry and Engineering 

*If the other pathways seem too “soft-science”, too “modern”, and too “not blowing things up,” then this one is for you! Delve into the scientific method as it applies to chemical reactions, and then apply it more broadly to real world problem-solving! 

Participants in Scouts BSA will work towards Chemistry, Engineering, and Inventing Merit Badge, and work towards the “Next Big Thing” NOVA Award. 

 If you are looking for Pathway 1: Game Design & Animation - CLICK HERE

If you are looking for Pathway 2: Programming & Robotics - CLICK HERE


  • This day camp session runs from April 16th to April 19th 
  • Drop-off is from 8:30 - 9 AM and camp ends at 4 PM 
  • Early Drop Off (7:30-8:30 AM) can be added onto your camp registration for an additional $50. 
  • Additional health forms and waivers will be sent in advance 
    Contact Information:  For more information and questions, please contact
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