Reptile & Amphibian Study Online
Reptile & Amphibian Study Online

What can we learn from the descendants of dinosaurs?

Reptiles and amphibians get a bad rap for being slimy and gross! But there is so much to be learned from these descendants of the dinosaurs! From what they eat, the purpose of their markings, and how they behave-these animals are fascinating. Spend some time observing and sketching our captive reptiles while looking at the importance of each element in their habitats. Practice listening to frog and toad calls and work on identifying other reptiles by sight.

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  • Age:
    6-10 years old, 11-17 years old, 18+ years old
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    Cranston, RI, Manchester, NH, Milton, MA, Online
  • Technical Skills: Natural Science
  • Soft Skills: Confidence, Critical Thinking
  • Activity Level: Low